Trust your feelings? 0E76050A-FDC5-4A28-A674-FF2F91F025A0

   One time I had two roommates, one was a guy who was a mobile mechanic, he made very good money and had good online reviews, he could fill up a whole day of work and get 20 calls a day.  He would charge 100$ an hour for his work.  The other roommate I had was a great mechanic. My mechanic friend hired the other roommate and he paid him 30$ an hour to go out and fix the cars needing serviced.

     From day one he kept calling and needing help and freaking out on what to say and do with the customers.  My mechanic friend told me that he didnt know what was so hard, fix the car and get payment, it’s easy.  Long story short, the other roommate was extremely stressed for 2 weeks and then quit one day, he said the job is too stressful and then he got a job paying 8$ an hour and he said it’s a lot better, no stress.  

     I talked about it with him and told him I used to also be a baby when I started a business, I know, I’m harsh lol.  He said no, he wasn’t a baby, he said one just has to “search their feelings” and if the job is too stressful it is too stressful.   He asked me to explain what I meant and I told him that when I started my own business when I started by myself and got extremely busy and learned how to take customer calls, how to price, how to handle complaints, etc.  I then started hiring one guy then two, then three, four and five guys.  Each new level was stressful, extremely stressful, especially when people quit.  Each new level I had to build as a person and when building the previous level wasn’t stressful now.   

    Soon, I had the system of taking calls, training, hiring, firing, etc.  I was a better and less stressed person than before.  So the statement to “search your feelings” is wrong.  To cry at stress and have a stressful situation happen, one had to not run away but to figure it out and get stronger.  For example, You can’t say you want to be a public speaker and speak to 10,000 people when you get scared when you talk to one.  Work yourself up to it.  

    Feelings at the moment tell you what not to do because they’re trying to protect you, you then have to use rationality to see if what you want is beyond that and know the upside.  On the other hand, When your feelings tell you to stop when you get drunk and drive fast in a car with your legs out the window, use logic, there’s no upside lol.  

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