“Just be Yourself” is a lie?

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Just be yourself is a lie? 

People always say to just be yourself, but is this true? In my opinion the only truth to it is what they usually mean is to be calm and approach with confidence, don’t overthink it.  But you can’t just flip a switch and easily do this. For the most part, I don’t agree with “just be yourself” in fact, if you’re ambitious, you might like and enjoy how your progress is going but want more,  yourself now is not what you want.  For example, if you own a small business with one employee and hypothetically someone puts a business with 100 employees in your lap today you would freak out and not know what to do, it’s a place where you’ve never been. It’s best to progress gradually, whereas a guy who’s been running huge businesses for 20 yrs thinks this as no problem now.  Or if you never gave a speech in your life and you look back on your future self 20 years later and see that you’re standing in front of 10,000 people giving speeches weekly, these two selves are very different and they are both you.  So from this is would say the best thing someone can do is do your best now and gradually get better.  Live out your potential but at the same time be grateful.  

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