0C5D136C-8084-458D-9FFE-C0557BBFFDC7Opposites don’t attract, in most aspects no, certainly in the most important ones.  Most people that I’ve encountered in my life live very emotionally, very short term and with not much thought, this always leads down a bad path.  In dating and relationships, to be with someone that you want to stay with for a long time you have to see the world the same way.  A lot of people just date the first person that comes along and don’t really think about if it will work long term or not.  People sometimes say that opposites attract, these people aren’t followers of psychology.  There are many personality traits couples that mesh have, among them is that they have similar values firstly, similar interests, and similar temperaments.  If one is always fighting daily and the other is not, it won’t end well.  If ones moral code is way off, it won’t end well.  In psychology, it is well documented that when people are too different, they clash, they might get along for a little bit or even several months, however very soon, both will start to resent their differences and start to complain and argue.  Differences are what create wars after all, all wars are fought because of differences of opinion.  A lot of wars are fought because of differences of morals, some are fought because of even how someone looks, etc.  That’s human psychology.  Is one partner lays around all day, the other might be lovestruck for a few months, but after that the difference in ambition will be too much. 

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