3 ways to make yourself smarter

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1171AED8-B0CF-4199-9A45-44AD72433D6B.jpeg3 ways to make yourself smarter by Jyoti Kaushik

1] Read books
– Reading books will make you smarter, more confident and richer. Reading a lot of books is prerequisite to being a great business owner, or great at anything. We become more intelligent by reading books, more interesting and appealing. By reading you will become better in communication, you will improve your knowledge on various topics. Your ‘know-how’ will be better than average people. Books are cheap investments with possibly infinite ROI.

Reading encourages us to think. We are limited only to the extent to which our imagination is limited. Thus, the imagination and creativity of our minds are being strengthened by reading.

2] Your company defines you

– Famous Jim Rohn quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” is indeed very true.
When two or more people are together, they will unconsciously copy one another. They will make similar facial expressions.Their vocal patterns will fall in alignment. They will copy one another’s posture. And other body movements will begin to mirror one another. This has been scientifically proved and is called emotional contagion. Our progress in life depends on our circle of influence. If we hang around lazy and incompetent people, then we too become lazy and incompetent. Our social circle has a major influence on the standards we set for ourselves.

Successful people surround themselves with great people — people that are positive, supportive, inspiring, talented, knowledgeable and successful.

Success Tip: Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

3] Acquire new skills
– Learning a new skill works best to keep your brain sharp. It helps increasing the IQ by strengthening the connections between parts of the brain.

When you start something new — at work, school, or the gym — you experience decreased happiness in the moment and lower levels of enjoyment. You suffer. But later, when you look back, you feel happy and satisfied with what you’ve accomplished.

No one starts out an expert, but with time and focus, we begin to realize that we can do it too

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