Boredom kills83532B18-DAAF-4298-9AEF-5D72DCF62FB6

Boredom is the opposite of excitement.  They say that the average time we have left in life after retirement is about 6 years, most people i know that retire, sit at home all day and rot away, they don’t workout or do exercises.  They don’t have any more goals, they wait for people to come over.  The customers I have that are retired, a lot of them are so excited when I visit, they are passive and not active.  The worst story I know is of a guy I know named Bill, he kept talking of his retirement at age 65.  It came and when I went to his house several times he would talk to me forever, seemed like he was lonely and bored now that he wasn’t working, I was shocked that he died a few months later, at only 65. In my opinion, Excitement is the zest of life, the non life-risking kind I mean.  Drinking a bottle of liquor while on the roof of a speeding car is just stupid but swimming with friends or going boating can make life worth appreciating.  It makes us appreciate life.  Being grateful for life and spending it with people we like and staying away from people we don’t like.  Choosing our lives, helping others, making friends and helping them defeat obstacles are some of the best kinds of things we can do to defeat boredom.  Giving speeches, training people in the gym, designing tutorials to teach people how to master a certain skill.  Boredom is a selfish endeavor.  Just sitting around, nothing to shoot for, nothing to do, not much mental or physical effort, it should be easy to know why it kills us.  

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