What is trust

Trust according to the dictionary Is reliance on the integrity, strength, ability,surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
In business, in life, and in relationships, trust is one of the most important things in our relationships and for a good life.  A lot of joy is in always being the person who everyone trusts.  
Trust is a bond between people and it makes life easier because if we have total trust in someone, what they do is predictable and it’s in our interest as well.  If we have total distrust in someone, we can pretty predictably know what they will do, and what they do is let you down, which is not in your own best interest.  
—-Having total trust in someone makes us happy, and to be totally trustworthy one has to have a high rate of integrity.  A trust worthy person feels great pain letting down agreements and backing down from things they said they would do.  When they fulfill agreements, it’s always a good feeling.  
—When someone is not trustworthy, they generally don’t feel any sort of remorse from letting people down or they might, but they keep doing it.  
When someone lets down your trust over and over, there is very little you can do about it.  When someone tells you they will pick you up with their car at 8 pm and never show up, they had a decision to make: to be reliable and use energy to pick you up or take pleasure in something else they had to do, this was the decision.
—   If someone is in a committed relationship with you and they have sex with someone else, they have a decision to make, take the night of pleasure and have sex when they had the strong sexual urge, or fight the urge and keep the trust and be the trustworthy person.  If a friend came over and you had 100$ on your counter and the friend took the money, they felt that the nice things they can buy with the 100$ was worth defying the trust, they chose that over your friendship.  
—-in a business setting it’s a little bit more complicated.  If you work by yourself and you depend on yourself to get tasks done, trust can be easier to manage.  I’ve seen business owners with such integrity, they would give an estimate and be way off and lose thousands of dollars and still complete the job, other people with less integrity would leave the job site unfinished and won’t come back or answer calls.  I’ve seen business owners with a full schedule, fall and sprain an ankle and still work the entire day, if might seem stupid, but trust is important to them.  However, crossing the boundary is something you can die from or lose for life.  Trust and reliability has to come second, you cannot manage everything that happens on earth.  On the other hand, an untrustworthy person finds everything that happens as a sign that things can’t get done, grandma dies one week, feels under the weather one day, rains a little bit outside one day.  The unreliable and untrustworthy person doesn’t bother to figure things out.  Many reliable people even work the entire day sick and throwing up, I have.  The next day I’m 100 percent.
-trust in a company on the other hand is more complicated, it involves your employees actions and how you respond to events.  Hiring everyone with no standards or reliability makes your company unreliable, how you respond in the media to accidents and bad service/quality is also part of your integrity and how everyone trusts or doesn’t trust your company.  8708CA3E-841A-456D-96CC-48E898B1A239

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