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Emotions are a controversial topic.  First comes a feeling then an emotion follows.  A feeling someone gets:  a sudden stab of fear, a sudden feeling of mistrust, a sudden feeling of anger, helplessness, pride, confusion.  These are all feelings.  The feeling trys to tell you what to do based on experiences and on biological software all people have.  Then the body reacts in the form of an emotion.  Lets say someone bumps you and you get pissed off you feel the feeling of extreme anger and then you might hit them, beat them up really bad, etc.  These reactions are the emotions.  A lot of people say that the feeling or “intuition” someone gets, that little sudden feeling about someone or something is the “truth”.  This isn’t the case, it might be in some cases but isn’t always, its a lot more complicated than that.  Firstly, our feelings are guided by our beliefs.  Most of our beliefs are false.    Based on what we experienced and what we believe.  So the belief is what comes first and then the feeling and then the emotion.  Some believe that the feeling is the truth.  The lack of thinking is easier than thinking.  There are people out there that have phobias of ketchup and mustard where they run out of the building when they see it, it goes back to some experience they have had and their mind connects with their body and has a crazy response to get out of there.  There are many people who give stories such as: a lady was getting robbed at gunpoint and her feeling told her to be calm and their hormones worked together and made her calm and saved her life, her intuition saved her life.  Well   What about all the other people who freaked the hell out and got shot when someone put a gun in their face?  Or what about the highly trained gun expert who was a emotional baby in high tension situations and after 7 yrs of combat training feels no fear when in high stress situations and is an expert now?  Easy to predict that his 

“intuition” has changed because his beliefs have been shifted.  When i first started in business, when i used to go do estimates at clients houses i would feel a stab of fear and regret.  I would think what if they don’t buy? What if i don’t say the right thing? What if they think im not professional?  What if they come to the door and are confused about what i talk about?  So this was my knowledge basis and my beliefs at the time.  5 years later whenever i go to a clients house I feel no fear whatsoever, I know what i know and I close almost 100% of deals and think almost bizarre when someone doesn’t buy, I have no fear whatsoever about losing an expensive deal and don’t need the money.  My beliefs about myself had changed first then peoples perception of me changed as well.  There is no anger when someone tells me off, there is no helplessness when i don’t know something, there is no confusion when not knowing what to say.  When you change your belief about something, that quick intuition (feeling) also changes.  If you live only by emotions you won’t get anywhere. Logic is needed to keep emotion in check.  Logic is always needed to ask “why?”  When we get a feeling we must ask why.  This is how you become fully conscious.  All animals live by emotions alone and not logic.  We are the only ones with this capability and the capacity to create great things and push the mind and creativity.  The ones who are the most emotional are the ones who are the least conscious and have the least potential.   

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