Why aren’t you achieving?

Why aren’t you achieving?

I was watching a success and motivation video the other day and as we all know, the comment section is always the go to spot to see what people are saying. In the video I was watching, the guy talks about mentality and uses his successes and also rise from the bottom as an example that anyone can do it, he talks about wealth and health in almost all of his videos.  In the comment section a person wrote “it’s really annoying that you are always talking about your success and money and lifestyle, can’t you just list the facts, all this talk is really Making me uncomfortable and some jobs no matter how hard you try at them can never yield such a good return”.  This comment describes how the commenter thinks, he’s offended that the guy in the video talks about money or success at all because of how it makes him feel about his lack of success.  He doesn’t think “if this man is successful, I can be successful too.  Instead he thinks, I will never be successful just looking at my current situation, there is no inching towards success and talk of success makes me mad”.  The things we say and type display how we see ourselves.  To truly be healthy and wealthy, we have to recognize this and make small changes to get there.  We can never say anything is out of our reach, and we need to really think about why speakers tell us about their successes, not to brag, but to tell the world that it’s possible for anyone.  This is a true healthy mentality to have.  

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