What you focus on expands

What you focus on, expands
Best thing I’ve ever learnt till date is that you’re what you think. This is THE truth. If you want to change yourself as a person or if you want to do better in life, change the way you think!
All you need is a shift in your perspective. Learn and observe how your mind works in certain situations. Dig deeper and you’ll find a way to amend your behavioural patterns. It’s not easy. But it’s worth all the efforts.
Stop living in the past. Past is a bottomless pit. Learn from it and move on. Focus on the now, on the present. Focus on how you can make your present worthwhile. Or how you can use present to make the future better. Because ‘now’ is all we have.
Try taking failure positively in life. Try to identify source of a negative thought and eliminate it from your mind. Positivity will help you deal with stress and make way to happiness.
Focus on something and it will expand. Be it a positive energy or a negative vibe.



By Jyoti Kaushik

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