Quality in business

Quality in business

Let’s talk about quality in business for a second.  What do I mean? Let me first give you a story.  I own a Lawncare company and I had a friend who just wanted to start operations on his own with no experience.  I told him the equipment to buy and how to market and he spend a few thousand and bam he had a lot of customers.  A full time business now each day.  Each day he would call me and tell me the customer did this or that and he began losing a lot of customers.  Over the next few months he didn’t have any customers and each time he told me the customer was crazy and it was their fault.  He said he wanted to work for my company and so I said yes sure.  He started working and I was amazed by how little skill and “common sense” he had.  I let him use the weedeater and went to review his work and I was shocked by everything he left along fences and he didn’t weedeat around trees.  He mowed with the lawnmower and he would leave entire right or left side of houses not done.  We would blow the edges with a blower and make them clean and presentable but he would leave half the dirt on the sidewalk.  This is after he worked his own business for 4 months!   The quality rule with business is that you have to have more quality than the customer expects, even just by a tiny bit.  For example let’s say you do a job and your job is rated 9.  Let’s say you have 100 customers and their average rating is 9, you will be in trouble.  Because if in that average, 20 expect a quality of 9.5, you will be replaced soon.  However let’s say you give a quality figure of 9 and most of your customers expect a 6 and no one expects a 9, you will keep the job and customer forever probably.  So In the example of my friend he had a business and maybe he was giving a 5 quality but none of his customers were at 5, maybe they were all at 9 and that’s why he lost all his customers.  Once a customer reviews the work and you are not up to par, sometimes they will fire you immediately and sometimes they will tell you about it and give you another chance.  What I’ve found is most times they lie and make an excuse such as “hey my uncle is doing it now” just to avoid confrontation.

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