3 major personality flaws that keep you away from a better life

i) You think it’s someone else’s mistake
First thing first, start accepting negative consequences of a mistake. Learning from bad decisions is how we learn through life. Accepting a mistake doesn’t necessarily mean liking or enjoying it. You can accept what it is and evolve from there. However if you keep blaming other people or situation, you’ll never learn and grow. Your mind will always seek to find a person or any circumstance to put the blame on. Until you start taking responsibility of your actions, it’s very difficult for you to develop self respect and ultimately healthy self esteem.
ii) You want people to always like you
Embrace the truth that not everyone is going to like you. Best thing is that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be successful, or do you?
The saddest part of “needing to be liked” is the countless sacrifices you’ll have to make in the attempt to reach the impossible goal of being universally liked.
People will criticize you, hate you without any reason, blame you, offend you, and do whatever it takes to make you feel bad about yourself. People will be repelled by you for reasons you may never know. Just be real and kind. Living your truth will always be so much soul-nourishing. Know what your values are and be a better person everyday.
iii) You think you don’t deserve it
If you think you’re good for nothing, people will mirror your thoughts. Best thing is that it works both ways. Only thing you’ve to do is to change the way you think about yourself. To be successful, you’ll have to feel like one. If you think you deserve to be a successful and be a happy person, fifty percent of the task is done already!
Whether you deserve something or not is a belief, it’s not a fact, so question it and examine it. Beliefs can be changed with new learnings and new evidences. Only reason you don’t deserve it is because you didn’t work for it.! Nothing or no one else can decide whether you’re worthy or not.



-Jyoti Kaushik

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