Why are some people bad with money?

People are bad with money for the same reasons people are overweight (these two topics make ppl mad but oh well lol) the reasons are there is no goal, there is no counting, standards aren’t high enough.  Standards are the first basis,  I’ll use Lawncare for example.  My first business was Lawncare and we had many many customers, some customers wanted their grass done and everything perfect every single week.  I had employees and they would even comment: “ it doesn’t look like it needs to get done”.I made the mistake a few times of skipping customers because by my own standards it looked fine, I was fired a few times/yelled at because we skipped.  On the other hand, we had a lot of houses who called every few months or wanted every few weeks and the lawn looked crazy, even with a brand new car in the drive way and a big house, tall crazy grass.   This is a question of standards firstly.  Secondly as far as money is concerned, there is no goal and they aren’t counting, this is very evident if you own a business and have employees.  The employees can get paid 120-150$ per day and still come to work the next day and ask to borrow $10 for lunch.  They will work for months, making several thousand dollars and still wearing completely flat shoes and putting duct tape on the shoes because they are falling apart.  Brand new nike shoes are $50, half a days labor.  These traits are very common in fast food employees and manual labor employees primarily but ppl think like this across all industries.  Some employees I’ve had, I can pay 1000.00$ a week to and after a few months, they haven’t paid their phone bill in months but will still go in the store and buy 3 packs of cigarettes (21$) a few bags of chips and a few energy drinks (another 10$). And they sometimes do this daily.  That’s for 30 days/1 month over 900$.   That’s a brand new Cadillac Escalade payment.  This is not counting, just throwing money around.  There is no goal of coming in the store and spending a certain amount or saving a certain amount.  Standards come into play here as well, if 1000$ is mentioned, they talk in amazement like that’s a lot and can never save the amount even though it’s one or two week of wages.  Other more successful people make payments of 10,000-20,000$ on a daily basis and so this is where their standards lie.

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