Be willing to walk away

The greatest positioning in life and the best place for negotiation in life is to be willing to walk away and mean it.  This accomplishes a few things:  firstly, the other person can see through your body language that you aren’t desperate and you don’t NEED anything.  You exude confidence and independence, when you are in this position, no one can control you.  This can be worked on, you have to control your desires and emotions and look at them when you are talking.  For example, if a customer tells you that they are firing you and your business from their account and you have very few customers, your panic sets in and you might beg them back, this rarely works.  However, if you have a huge amount of business and you are good at what you do, you might say sorry and wish them well because you don’t NEED them, best to get to that place in life.  The desperate person attacks a lot, the confident person doesn’t.  The desperate person attacks because they are lacking and insecure, if a woman is insecure and a guy breaks up with her, she will cuss him out and might beg him back a few moments later.  The confident woman sees the truth more and might not say anything at all, there are more fish in the sea.  If a guy owns a business and he messes up on a task and a customer gets rid of him, he might lash out and call names to the customer, he is in his emotions and in attack mode.  The confident man sees the mistake, says sorry and fixes it next time.  The secret to all of this is the law of abundance, to be valuable in all aspects and when you need to walk away from something, you can because there are more people out there to take your business/skills/relationship on.  The guy who doesn’t have choices can’t walk away and doesn’t want to, has no choices and this makes him scared, and he begs and lashes out.

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