Happiness isn’t pleasure it’s victory

Happiness isn’t pleasure, it’s victory 

As people, we are always in search of happiness.  Happiness is what drives us and pushes us on, that’s how we’re wired.  With the new age of social media we get small spikes of happiness by looking at pictures we like, by looking at funny videos, by posting things and other people liking them, it gives us comfort and makes us feel like we are worth something.  Some people eat for comfort and they overeat and are overweight.  Food is good and gives momentary pleasure but there is a big downside.  Some people think about a certain food all day and then finally get it and the pleasure lasts for a few minutes, if can be good but not in excess.  Some people smoke cigarettes or do drugs, the momentary pleasure feels good but the effects could be taking decades off ones life or killing oneself.  Most pleasures are hollow, we are looking for excitement, not happiness.  Amusement park rides and games are good for pleasure, in games, we get small bursts of pleasure when we pass a level or defeat a game character, amusement park rides we anticipate for an hr or more for the ride and the pleasure rush is a Minute or two. Some people think that the memory from the good time with friends is even better than the amusement park ride, maybe it’s a little bit of both.  Exciting sexual adventures with people we don’t love is pleasurable in the moment but when looked back on years down the road it is painful, the same with obesity Caused by food and illness caused by drinking or drugs.  The best happiness is the struggle, the goal setting, the accomplishment, the victory.  The tears of joy when you accomplish something and the good feeling when you look back on something decades later.  These feelings aren’t hollow.  Happiness isn’t looking back on something ashamed.  Happiness is looking back on something great and being proud of its accomplishment no matter how small.  

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