How to plan your day

We have all probably heard:  write things down, write your goals on paper.  Goal set.  The human brain works far more efficient when it has a goal.  I just started writing down my goals about a year ago but I’m still sometimes lazy in doing It.  I have progressed more in the last yr than in my whole life combined.  One easy way to do it is like this:  buy a thick notebook, one in which you can flip the page all the way to the back to start fresh each day.  You can start by writing things that you did after the day is done.  Some examples: -brushed teeth. -cleaned room.  -placed garbage bags in front yard.   -read for one hr.  -paid phone bill.  -oil change.  Very soon, you will enjoy doing this,  writing things down and checking them off.  And you can look back each  day for things accomplished.  Next.  When you are ready to set goals you can start naming small things and getting them done and then go on to bigger things.

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