The nuckle dragger and the leader

In my opinion, the opposite of a leader is a nuckle dragger, a yes man.  It’s a bad life.  A nuckle dragger doesn’t think, they choose not to.  They are careless and they mess up.  They lack any sort of attention to detail and if scolded or simply told the right way to do things, they are indifferent with no expression. They are dependent.  They are helpless if not guided. They don’t look for mistakes and are content with how things are, they don’t look for a better way  A leader on the other hand is independent.  They use independent thought and normally have exceptional attention to detail.  They aren’t helpless.  It’s a better life.  The great leader helps, the great leader is independent, the great leader improves his surroundings and is always looking for a better way.

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