Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s a choice

We can strive for more, to expand our minds, our bodies, our limits, if not, what a waste of potential, a waste of life.  We can always look for the next big thing in our lives, that’s good.  Looking for the next big thing in our lives brings a lot more happiness than calling ourselves useless and hopeless and always crying about the past.  However, during our struggle, during our progress we have to look at lives joys, life’s gifts.  Always Looking at what we have, to smell the roses.  To be happy in the moment and to look back on what we have accomplished and be happy about it.  To be happy it’s best to never blame, to always progress, even if small.  Never say I’m not happy because of this or that, say I will do this or that or the struggle or obstacle doesn’t matter. Find a way. Someone somewhere has your problem also and thousands of people have had your problem and circumstance and solved it easily with a plan and effort.

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