A good way to increase confidence

Firstly, what it confidence?  Confidence is “confiding” in yourself.  Having faith in yourself.  Faith in front of “people”,  who else is watching? You don’t care if animals are watching you.  So to go to the root of this.  Studies always say that public speaking is man’s greatest fear.  People’s opinion is your greatest fear.   You don’t have to public speak, you can public interact.  Interact on your off time or on weekends.  Go to any place out, and carry on conversations with people you don’t know.  Supermarkets, malls, small stores.  Do it for an hr or hours, you will be very very mentally tired when doing this, believe me.  Its hard.  Just small conversations.  Just comments.  You can even do embarrassing things, even better.  Embarrass yourself, walk with your fly unzipped, if you’re a guy walk with female products.  Walk with a watermelon on your shoulder store end to end, then put it back.  This is a fear and courage gaining activity.  Go to another town and do it, if it’s better for you.  Do these talks, and get more and more bold, the stranger the comments or conversations, the better.  Things to embarrass you.  To strike at your self confidence and grow it. To get to the point you won’t be scared by reactions.

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